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So many people may purchase a male enhancement product just because the price is so low. Well, the Excitol™ price may be very cost-effective, but we feel consumers will purchase Excitol™ because of how well it works for them and NOT just because of our cost-effective price.

Many men go to their healthcare provider for a for a male enhancement product. This can be embarrassing and may even be expensive. You can purchase Excitol™ in the privacy of your own home for the cost-effective Excitol™ price of just $39.95 right here on our website, www.excitol.com.

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When you purchase Excitol™ you are purchasing a product that uses natural ingredients and has been formulated for common male enhancement issues.* By taking just 2 capsules, 30-45 minutes before sexual activity, you may be able to increase intimacy and pleasure with your partner.* Results can last up to 24 hours!